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sites like live leak

Sites like liveleak, Metacafe, YouTube, etc. which aims to take reality footage, politics war and other sets of catastrophic events and then combine it with the power of journalism. This whole idea of liveleak was put into execution on 31st October 2006. One of the only public members of the live leaks founder team is Hayden Hewitt of Manchester.

The liveleak is one of the best websites but even a popular website like live leaks tend to miss out on hot and important topics. One of the many controversial topics do arise over the content where the content uploaded was controversial as the war scenes in Syria and Ukraine. The topics more so are ever also known for their debate. The liveleak was in the spotlight in 2008 when it hoisted the anti- Quran film Fitna made by a Dutch politician.

Maintaining a strict and non-biased approach to members and their content. Their belief in the freedom of speech within the rules of their website regardless of how it may tend to damage one’s reputation .the movie was taken off the site when some live leak personnel’s were given threats on their life. The video was put back online after live leaks improved its security measures.        

On the other-hand 24th march 2014 live leaks and Ruptly announced a content partnership. Ruptly is a Russian video news agency based in Germany and is owned by the Russia Today news network. It was officially operational on 4th April 2013. Ruptly mostly includes a lot of categories like science, politics, finance, sports, entertainment, and news, for example, current affairs.

The company’s headquarters are all around the world. Some of the places are Washington, London, Madrid, Gaza, and Berlin. Ruptly broadcast live and also have an on-demand service which also has a business of selling videos to others on their website.  

The various other popular Sites like liveleak are listed below:


The site is quite popular and comes straight after liveleak, to use the services of the site one starts by making an account which is free of cost. There are all kinds of content available in any type of category. Well, another site is up next.


one of the most frequent sites used which is an all-time informative in terms of education, a full-on entertainment package and free of cost platform. you tube also has an interesting feature people can post their content on youtube and also commercialize your channel if it has gained some popularity and is performing well in terms of subscribers.

Kill Some Time:

The theme of the site goes with its name; the site is best utilized in some free time. It usually has the latest gossips and the present society in their videos.


likely to be a good substitute to live leak but not as popular Sites like live leak. There are many people who have even heard of a site named break. This site provides you with images as well as videos. Sites have a funny category in which various saucy and funny videos come. which makes an ideal choice for people during free time.

My vidstar:  

This site is different in terms of functioning and orientation which makes it a good and an innovating alternative to live leaks. But the site has some shortcomings also. The various problems encountered are listed below:

  • The site has no categorization.
  • Only the user can shuffle between the latest, most watched and the popular and recent ones.

The company live leak has some controversial aspects but we cannot deny that its also open and reliable information and of truth in the news.  

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